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Kyle Lambert’s Incredible ‘Toy Story/The Shining’ Mash-Up

Kyle Lambert’s Incredible ‘Toy Story/The Shining’ Mash-Up

Freelance visual Artist, painter & illustrator, Kyle Lambert, created this incredible mash-up of Toy Story and The Shining. Combining his passion for art, technology and story telling, Lambert’s striking images and imagination is simply awesome. Visit his website to see the entire set. Enjoy!



kyle-lambert-toy-shining-ipad-painting-11 kyle-lambert-toy-shining-ipad-painting-9 kyle-lambert-toy-shining-ipad-painting-6
kyle-lambert-toy-shining-ipad-painting-5 kyle-lambert-toy-shining-ipad-painting-4 kyle-lambert-toy-shining-ipad-painting-3 kyle-lambert-toy-shining-ipad-painting-2