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Last Night on Late Night, 5/11/15: Howard Stern kisses Dave and Louis CK talks to Seth Meyers

Last Night on Late Night, 5/11/15: Howard Stern kisses Dave and Louis CK talks to Seth Meyers

Late Night

Real comedy still happens on late night, we can prove it. If you like Conan comedy gold, Fallon friendliness, cutesy Corden, list-making Letterman, kneedy Kimmel, and all the rest, I hope you’ll enjoy this column too.

Last night on late night, Don Rickles and Howard Stern were on Late Show, Louis CK spoke with Seth Meyers about working for Conan, James Corden worked in an LA juice bar, Conan parodied Guy Fieri, and we take a look at the sub-optimal broadcasting of two British gentlemen on a messianic quest to bring “football” to America.

Late Show with David Letterman

  • Howard and Rickles are on together and its pure comedy brilliance. Howard is Howard, and Rickles is as razor-witted and funny as ever.

  • The “trick or treat hairdo” joke. Classic stuff.
  • “No need to get pissed off — we’re just talking”
  • Rickles will be at the NYCB theatre in New York 5/16/15.
  • Howard is concerned about Dave’s upcoming Montana trip.
  • Howard paints with watercolors.
  • Howard recalls the 80s, going on Dave’s show, and getting the “Letterman bump”.

  • Leno will not be Dave’s final guest.
  • Dave’s “not a producer”.

  • Dave didn’t invite Howard to dinner after the show, so Howard tries to plant one on him.

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • Louis CK remembers writing for Conan on Late Night, selfishly fighting for his own bits, and getting jokes by censors by giving them to the show announcer.

  • “You’ll never know how much they hate you”.
  • Probably 80% of people on a computer will get Louis’ pearl joke.
  • Late Night said goodbye to “Next Week on Mad Men“, a segment poking fun at the long and sometimes seemingly unconnected and nonsensical “next time on…” bits from AMC’s show.


  • Jean-Claude Van Damme is on the show, and says there will be a Kickboxer remake.
  • The Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev does the splits.
  • Andy records an audiobook version of Kim K’s Selfish.
  • “Road Nibbles with Rocky Noschese” is the Guy Fieri parody we deserved.

The Late Late Show with James Corden

  • James works at a juice bar. Hijinks, cinnamon challenges, and gross smoothies ensue.

  • James fights against the late show monologue by introducing his monologue.

  • Reggie Watts is great at improv, and does hilarious “future” beat boxing.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

  • Charlize Theron is on the show, promoting Mad Max: Fury Road.
  • Kids make Higgins eat Vegemite.

  • The results are predictable but still funny.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 

  • Jon talks about the London elections.
  • Jordan Klepper takes a look at one of England’s under represented constituents, money.
  • John Legend talks about his role as producer of Southern Rites, a documentary about proms in the American South. Shockingly, proms were segregated until 2009.

The Men in Blazers 

  • This pair were the jewel of ESPN’s 2014 World Cup coverage, and continue to deliver an inspiring mixture of analysis and comedy for NBC’s 2015 Premiere League coverage.
  • They believe that soccer is America’s sport of the future, as it has been since 1972.
  • Never shying away from “crap”, these two have taught America about everything from “sad naps”, tiny Brazilian bananas, and the Queens Park Raisins.
  • Crap goals of this week.

  • This commentary by Man U. fan and regular kid-broadcaster Charlie Wallwork is timeless cinema.

  • Rog and Davo also have an awesome website and weekly soccer podcast.