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‘The Fugitive’ to be remade at Warner Bros.

‘The Fugitive’ to be remade at Warner Bros.


Deadline exclusively reported Tuesday that yet another classic film would be getting the remake treatment: The Fugitive.

The original film from 1993 was a major blockbuster and starred Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones in an Oscar winning Supporting Actor role. Andrew Davis’s film was adapted from a classic ABC TV show of the same name, in which Dr. Richard Kimble is wrongly accused of murdering his wife and is forced to go on the run while tracking down the real killer.

Deadline reports that emerging screenwriter Christina Hodson (Shut In, The Eden Project) would be penning the script. No word yet on whether Ford or Jones would return to this film, but of course Ford is on board for sequels to Star Wars and Blade Runner. Arnold and Anne Kopelson are returning as producers.

Thoughts on a director/star pairing? Chris Pratt might be too obvious if people also think he can be the next Indiana Jones. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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