Last Night on Late Night, 5/21/15: Conan gives his staff a performance review and Heidi Klum smuggles scrotums

Late Night

Real comedy still happens on late night, we can prove it. If you like Conan comedy gold, Fallon friendliness, cutesy Corden, list-making Letterman, kneedy Kimmel, and all the rest, I hope you’ll enjoy this column too.

Last night on late night, there was no Letterman. Conan gave his staff at “Conaco” a performance review, Jimmy Fallon talked to Dwayne Johnson and Meghan Trainor, Kimmel talked goombahs and gangsters with Ray Liotta, and Seth Meyers talked Kangaroo parts with Heidi Klum.


  • Performance review at “Conaco”.

  • Once again, Jordan Schlansky is on the chopping block.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 

  • Dwayne Johnson was a colossal 15-year-old.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

  • Ray Liotta talks Goodfellas reunion and dealing with wise guys.

Late Night with Seth Meyers 

  • Matt Fraction talks writing Hawkeye.

  • Matt Fraction, more like Matt Friction! Haha.
  • Seth’s geese are in town.
  • Heidi Klum smuggles large quantities of Kangaroo scrotum.

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