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Last Resort, Ep 1.10: “Blue Water” sees both Chaplin and Sam Kendal continue to get pushed beyond their endurance

Last Resort, Ep 1.10: “Blue Water” sees both Chaplin and Sam Kendal continue to get pushed beyond their endurance

Last Resort, Season 1, Episode 10: “Blue Water”
Written by Eileen Myers and Julie Siege
Directed by Bill Gierhart
Airs Thursdays at 8pm (ET) on ABC

As the USS Colorado’s blockade and fight against the US government continues, the desperation of both the locals and the crew of the sub have become increasingly unpredictable and violent. While last week’s visit from the Cinderella Liberty was meant to bring some respite, both in the form of supplies, and in allowing some of the crew to go back home, last week’s events effectively put an end to that in the near future. Now, with Chaplin finding it more difficult to maintain harmony amongst his crew, and Kendal off trying to find Christine, the captain’s resolve would be tested even more strongly than ever before, and this week’s episode took a walk down that path, revisiting the global ramifications of the USS Colorado’s actions from a different angle.

Watching China take the diplomatic route to gaining control of the USS Colorado was, possibly against odds, a compelling unfolding of events this episode. With both Russia and Pakistan’s attempts to try and seize control ultimately failing, another country would be foolish to try that avenue, as even the US government’s attempt at a military presence was unsuccessful. China’s attempt, however, is a very intelligent move, filling a desperate need for Chaplin and the Islanders, and leaving him with very little choice but to accept. While the show regrettably doesn’t have too long to go, how the crew, particularly people like Prosser who think Chaplin is a traitor for his actions in the first place, reacts to China officially planting their flag on the Island. Chaplin also makes it clear this episode that he will have much less tolerance for any behaviour that’s out of line, so how he handles this dissent as it manifests itself is also something to look out for.

The story of Christine and Sam this episode was also fascinating to watch. It’s good to see James, who has largely been relegated to the sidelines during the crisis of the USS Colorado, continue his involvement in the activities of the crew of the submarine, and choosing to help Sam get Christine back is an excellent way to showcase James’ capabilities outside the Island. Watching how Christine was being treated as a result of her speaking out against the US government and in favour of Sam was also chilling to watch. It’s an interesting perspective to now have both Christine and Sam suffer from the mistreatment that political prisoners and POWs usually experience, and the potential to see how the two of them would bond over their individual experiences would have been something worth seeing. That being said, however, Christine’s “death” was certainly a punch in the gut that didn’t feel out of place in the scene. While killing off another major character on the heels of Paul Wells’ death last week would certainly have been commendable, this current story arc is also quite fascinating, and reveals the depths the likes of Curry are willing to go in fine fashion. The character of Christine Kendal could have been little more than a weepy distraction from the events on the island, but the writers have smartly been able to flesh her out and make her a vital part of the proceedings, and they should be commended for that.

Overall, this was another great episode. It was good to see Prosser return, and have his absence addressed by both Chaplin and Grace, indicating that it was noticeable. His insistence on not telling Grace about his potential addiction, despite her proof that she is willing to keep his illness a secret from Chaplin, is an interesting turn of events, as he seems to be willing to step back up to his duties by the end of the episode. Putting Hopper and Kylie Sinclair together is also a smart move by the writers, as it allows Hopper to get involved in one of the larger storylines while still allowing Sinclair to be active now that she’s not collaborating with Christine anymore. How Hopper proceeds, now that he has news of the imminent coup of the government, as well as how Sinclair reacts to news of Christine’s demise, or whether or not she even hears of it and how, are both things worth looking out for, and even if the show is on its way out, it promises to be a thrilling ride to the finish when the show returns.

Deepayan Sengupta