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‘Lego Batman’ spinoff movie fast-tracked for 2017

‘Lego Batman’ spinoff movie fast-tracked for 2017


The success of The Lego Movie came as a surprise to everyone, and yet the only property that seems consistently cooler and more awesome than Lego is Batman. Will Arnett’s Lego Batman was so good in The Lego Movie you kind of wished they’d cast him instead of Ben Affleck in that Superman sequel.

Now your wish has for more Lego Batman has been granted, with someone putting two and two together that Lego + Batman = $$$$.

The Hollywood Reporter has news that Warner Bros. is fast-tracking a Lego Batman movie, moving it ahead of the sequel to The Lego Movie for a possible 2017 release date. The film will be directed by the original’s animation director Chris McKay, who was originally assigned to the sequel, and Christopher Miller and Phil Lord will now act as producers. What’s more, Will Arnett is also reprising his voice acting role as Lego Batman.

The next Lego movie we’re expected to see however is Ninjago, featuring ninjas and samurais facing off against armies of dragons and more. That movie is slated for a 2016 release.

In the meantime, expect several more Lego Batman video games and toy tie-ins. THR points out there are already three Lego Batman games and even a straight-to-DVD movie Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Superheroes Unite.