Live Blogging the Golden Globes

7:03 PM – Ricky Gervais takes his first dig at The Tourist

7:04 PM – 7 Second delay already in effect.

7:05 PM – First Mel Gibson joke.

7:06 PM – Best Supporting Actor

7:06 PM – Prediction is Christian Bale for The Fighter

7:06 PM – Winner – CHRISTIAN BALE – The Fighter

Why does Bale look like a homeless man?  I like Bale’s speech.  What the hell?  Did Bale just swear?

7:09 PM – Best Actress in TV Drama

Prediction – Keira Sedgwick – The Closer

Winner – KATY SEGAL – Sons of Anarchy

7:16 PM – Julianne Moore and Kevin Spacey out to present Best Mini Series or TV Movie

Prediction – Carlos

WINNER – CARLOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:21 PM – Bruce Willis out to introduce Red.  Hart’s War is leagues better than the films mentioned.

7:23 PM – Garret Hedlund and Leighton Meester presenting Best Supporting Actor (TV)

Chris Colfer – Glee

Chris Colfer sounds like Michael Cera.

Best Actor in a TV Drama

Steve Buschemi – Boardwalk Empire

Best TV Series Drama

Boardwalk Empire

7:46 PM – Best Original Song

Prediction: “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me”

Winner: “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me”

7:49 PM – Best Original Score

Prediction – Inception

Winner: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – The Social Network

7:56 PM – Best Animated Feature

Toy Story 3

Winner: Toy Story 3

8:00 PM – the Robert Downey Jr show.

Best Actress (Comedy/Musical)

Prediction – Annette Benning (sigh)

Winner: Annette Benning – The Kids Are All Right

8:11 PM – Best Actor (TV Mini Series or Movie)

Prediction: Edgar Ramirez – Carlos

Winner: Al Pacino – You Don’t Know Jack

Best Actress (TV Mini-Series)

Claire Danes – Temple Grandin

8:25 PM – Best Screenplay

Prediction: Aaron Sorkin – The Social Network

Winner: Aaron Sorkin – The Social Network

8:30 PM – Best Supporting Actress (TV)

Winner: Jane Lynch – Glee

8:36 PM – Best Foreign Language Film

Prediction: I am Love

Winner: In a Better World

8:41 – Best Actress in a TV Series (Comedy)

Winner: Laura Linney – The Big C

8:48 – Best Actor (Comedy)

Prediction: Jim Parsons

Winner: Jim Parsons – The Big Bang Theory

8:50 PM – Best Supporting Actress

Winner: Melissa Leo – The Fighter

9:14 PM – Best Director

Prediction: David Fincher – The Social Network

Winner: David Fincher – The Social Network

9:17 PM – Best TV Series (Comedy)


9:25 PM – Best Actor

Prediction: Kevin Spacey

Winner: Paul Giamatti – Barney’s Version

9:35 PM – Best Actress (Drama)

Prediction: Natalie Portman – Black Swan

Winner: Natalie Portman – Black Swan

9:38 PM: Best Motion Picture (Comedy/Musical)

Prediction: The Kids are All Right

Winner: The Kids are All Right

9:46 PM – Best Actor (Drama)

Prediction: Colin Firth – The King’s Speech

Winner: Colin Firth – The King’s Speech

9:55 – Best Picture (Drama)

Prediction: The Social Network

Winner: The Social Network

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