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Looney Tunes Characters That Got Old

Looney Tunes Characters  That Got Old

Since its success during the short film era of cartoons, Looney Tunes has become a worldwide media franchise; spawning several television series, feature films, comic books, music albums, video games, and amusement park rides; as well as serving as Warner Bros.’ flagship franchise. Many of the characters have made and continue to make cameo appearances in various other television shows, movies and advertisements and while decades have gone by, none of these characters have aged a day. I’ve always wondered what these characters would look like when they get old and now thanks to Andrew Tarusov, I have a good idea of what that is.

“I just realized that characters were designed many years ago,” Tarusov told The Huffington Post, and that he wanted to show what the characters would really look like today at the end of “a very full life”. Check out the illustrations below and let us know which is your favourite.