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Montreal Comiccon 2013: A chat with Jason David Frank

Montreal Comiccon 2013: A chat with Jason David Frank


Best known for his portrayal of Tommy Oliver from the Power Rangers, and as an undefeated MMA fighter, Sound On Sight got a chance to speak with Jason David Frank at the 2013 Montreal Comiccon.


Sound On Sight: How was it like playing the Green Power Ranger with everybody growing up with you and loving you all these years later?

Jason David Frank: Well it feels good. Especially now after so many years later I’m still a hero to many people, but uh, I know they’re my fans but I’m a fan of my fans. I probably stalk my fans more than they stalk me because I’m always checking out their Facebook pages.

SoS: And now you’re an MMA fighter, how’s that like?

Frank: Seven fights (…) haven’t lost one yet of which I’m happy. Haven’t been knocked out yet, so I’m happy. Continuing training, continuing just following my dreams in everything I do. And I just think it’s important, you know, to follow your dreams.

SoS: What’s the mental preparation like before you step into the ring? Because I can’t even imagine the stress you must feel before a fight.

Frank: It’s a lot. You gotta block everything out of your head, and you gotta know you gotta be the hunter, not the hunted. When you go in that cage you’ve gotta hunt them, you know what I mean? And you’ve gotta walk out alive, you’ve gotta walk out standing, you’ve gotta walk out not bashed up. That’s important.

SoS: What would you say was the moment you were most nervous for, in your career?

Frank: Probably my first fight. ‘Cause, uh, my first fight I almost got knocked out, almost. But there was a lot of pressure (…) I just didn’t do it the right way but I still won.

SoS: And what would you say has been your proudest moment?

Frank: Proudest moment was becoming a father.

SoS: Any advice for people wanting to either get into the acting business or into MMA?

Frank: Train, train, train, train, train. Because when you get the opportunity, you’ll have the skills to provide.

You can catch more of Frazer Hines this weekend at the 2013 Montreal