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Misfits, Ep. 3.07: A zombie outbreak makes for an interesting plot

Misfits, Ep. 3.07: A zombie outbreak makes for an interesting plot

Season 3, Episode 7
Written by Howard Overman
Directed by Alex Garcia & Wayne Yip
Airs Sundays, 10pm GMT on E4

After last weeks fantastic episode, I looked forward to this one in the hopes that it would be a continuation in terms of quality because the previous episodes had not been up to par with the show as a whole. The episode did not disappoint, including all of the qualities that make the show great. It featured an interesting, funny plot that drove the story forward largely.

I had a discussion with a friend about Seth after last week, in my review I said that the likeability that he had built up recently would now be gone in this episode due to the fact that he is bringing back his ex-girlfriend Shannon to be with her. They said that he was only doing that to deal with his guilt of giving her the drugs that led to her death and I agreed that they were probably right.

However as we saw, he actually did want to get back with Shannon and so I now once again do not like him. They have destroyed everything that they built him up to be which is just a poor mistake from the writers. He treated both Shannon and Kelly very badly. Once Shannon was resurrected he left Kelly and then when Shannon became a zombie he wanted to get back with Kelly. He wanted it both ways, whatever suited him and this doesn’t make for a likeable character in the long term.

As for the others, the plot of them having to fight off the zombie cheerleaders and cat was a hilarious and extremely gory one, in a similar vein to Shaun of the Dead. The horror/comedy genre is one that tends to be over-saturated because they can be very popular. They aren’t particularly easy to pull off though with only Sam Raimi and Edgar Wright managing decent films that way. Zombies have never been hugely interesting to me, I do like certain films with them but I don’t seek them out. Having said that, this episode managed to include them just enough to keep the episode interesting. They didn’t exactly take over the world because as the misfits said “we saved the world from a zombie invasion”. At least they thought they did, until the realisation that the cat was still on the loose, but we’ll see what happens there next week.

There were problems with the episode. Far too many probation workers are now dead. Whilst the new one appearing only to be killed immediately made for a funny moment, it also makes the believability of the show that much harder, (yes I am aware I am talking about a show in which a group of teenage criminals gain superpowers). The bodies of the probation workers need to get discovered soon because this is ridiculous. They at least need to be questioned as to why all the workers are dead. Having four workers disappear and for nobody to question it is far too convenient.

I also wonder if the intention will be to show that somebody has been protecting them the whole time, à la Simon and his secret superhero plot. This would ultimately make the most sense and allow for new characters and stories to emerge next season since it looks as though Simon is most likely going back in time and will therefore die.

After learning at the end that they had forgotten to kill the cat, this leaves open the story that the zombie virus is still around and this left us with the teaser of all of the dead probation workers coming back as zombies next week. This looks great and will be fascinating to see how they link that to Simon going back in time to save Alisha. If he does not next week then there will be a lot of disappointed fans. At least we got a glimpse of him unzipping an orange hoodie to reveal his costume. I have a feeling that he will reveal to the other characters who he is and from there who knows where the story will go. I for one am excited though.

What were your thoughts on the episode? Let me know in the comments below.

Yiannis Cove