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‘Kingdom Hearts III’ ups the ante as Sora’s chapter ends

‘Kingdom Hearts III’ ups the ante as Sora’s chapter ends


Square Enix did more than tease game mechanics for the much anticipated Kingdom Hearts III at this years E3 event, instead fans were delighted to see a full fledged trailer. I for one struggled to contain my excitement when I saw a trailer with a more complete look at gameplay on Square Enix’s stage after waiting for nearly a decade to hear anything substantial about Kingdom Hearts III. The footage in the trailer revealed some pretty amazing things, though unfortunately, not much of it was new information. That doesn’t mean that fans are any less thrilled to get a sneak peak at the new goodies awaiting players.

There is one thing fans of the series can definitely count on, plenty of story development. As Kingdom Hearts III is rumored to be the last game in the Keyblade War story arc, exposition and backstory are going to play a huge role in the game. The trailer itself begins with Xehanort and Eraqus as youths discussing Keyblade lore. Will things get even more complicated? You bet!

Two things that really stand out are the fluid motions of Sora’s attacks and the incredible Keyblade transformations. Sora’s movements during battle are smooth, rapid, graceful. Pure poetry in motion. It makes Kingdom Hearts II look like a clunky mess. Players have known about Keyblade transformations for ages, and we’ve been waiting just as long to see them happen in game. At last we have been rewarded. My hand is just itching to get a hold of the new Keyblade. It appears as though the Heartless have been working out and increased their strength to match Sora’s new powers, something that occurred in the move from Kingdom Hearts I to Kingdom Hearts II. Well except during the thousand Heartless battle disaster. Those little guys never stood a chance.

KH 3

And did you see the new summons? We get to call in Disney attractions. Full attractions! From the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups to Big Thunder Railroad, being a Keyblade wielder never felt so good.

Of course with great power, comes greater enemies. We need tougher Heartless in order to make wielding a new Keyblade feel as exhilarating as the trailer makes it looks. If we can just wipe the floor with whoever stands in our way, then there is no feeling of accomplishment. So it’s good to see that the Heartless don’t simply disappear when Sora shows off his new powers. It’s going to take a couple of hits to defeat these baddies.

Riku is noticeably absent from the trailer and I’m really hoping that he isn’t taking a backseat this time, especially since there he grew so much in Dream Drop Distance. Don’t get me wrongSora is totally my guy. I love playing the optimistic goofball and would be perfectly happy playing Sora the entire time, but Riku deserves to be in the game just as much as Sora does. Besides if Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance have taught us anything, playing multiple Keyblade wielders leads to epic adventures.

I could go on forever, but what it comes down to is…they’re making Kingdom Hearts III! I honestly never thought it was going to happen. Yet here we are counting down to 2016 (possibly 2017) and I’ll definitely be in line to pick up my copy on day one.