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Misfits, Ep. 3.01: “Rudy” doesn’t quite make up for Nathan’s absence

Misfits, Ep. 3.01: “Rudy” doesn’t quite make up for Nathan’s absence

Misfits Review, Season 3, Episode 1

Airs Sundays, 10pm GMT on E4

Misfits is back and the cast all return minus Nathan who in a special short film was shown to have travelled to Las Vegas to use his power of magic to trick the casinos, only to be caught and jailed. This is also known as Robert Sheehan got a part in a bad Nicolas Cage movie and saw himself as a huge star, but that’s beside the point and I’m definitely not annoyed at him for leaving the show…

Back to the new episode and it begins with new guy Rudy who as it turns out also has a power. He has the power to split into two different versions of himself. One is a sweet, nice, pushover guy, in the same vein of Simon in the first series. The other is very much a carbon copy of Nathan only without any of the charm. Here lies the first problem with this episode. They are introducing a new character, someone we are supposed to want to like and they have given him the same personality as the best character of the show that is no longer there. It’s bad enough that everyone will be wanting Nathan back, they are not going to win the audience over with his character by trying to make him essentially the same person.

Rudy has done something wrong and is made to do community service just like the others did in the previous series of the show. He is there with two girls and tries to flirt with both of them much to their initial displeasure. Eventually he goes to the bathroom and splits into his two personalities and returns to flirt with both, using his assets from each one to his advantage. He wins them both over but one of them sees his other personality kissing the other girl and she flips. She happens to have the power to freeze people still and so she freezes everybody in the pub and smashes Rudy over the head with a bottle before passing the bottle to Curtis and making it look as though he did it.

Here lies my second problem with the episode. It is then only briefly brought up about 2 minutes later when the gang see the girl freeze Rudy again. You would think that having a bottle smashed over your head by a random guy would make you angry but he just seemed slightly confused and then didn’t care.

The girl then freezes all of them, smashes a car window while the police are in the area and makes it look as though they did it. They run away and we see Curtis’s new power is to change into a female version of himself. This seems awful but luckily they address this later when he says that they ran out of new powers by the time it was his turn. Kelly’s new power is that she is a rocket scientist. It doesn’t work out much use in this episode but it’ll be interesting to see how it comes into use later in the series. We already know that Simon has time travel so they didn’t delve into that. Finally Alisha’s new power comes to good use at the end of the episode. Apparently Alisha already knows Rudy because they went to school together, but something isn’t right between them and so clearly something more happened with them. Later we learn that he lost his virginity to her because she would sleep around with anybody back then.

While in the community service bathroom with the girl he ended up kissing, the other girl sees them and freezes them both before making it look as though he stabbed her to death. Alisha happens to see and before getting away for help she too is involved as they both wake up to find themselves hanging from a rope with only the top of a chair for support. Alisha uses her power to help them. She can see what other people do and so she discovers that the girl is writing suicide notes for the two of them, implicating them to the murder. The girl comes back and threatens them both before being kicked in the head by Rudy who is then hung. At least that what it looks like. His other personality was luckily not in him at the time and so he survives. While on a drive with everyone else the police pull Rudy over. Turns out the car he is driving is stolen and so everyone ends up back at community service along with Rudy.

So this was not the strongest episode of the show but it was a nice way of moving away from Nathan without constantly bringing him up. Yes Rudy is similar but like Nathan by the end of the episode he had grown on me and fit in nicely with the group. My only hope is that they use this series to progress a bit more. The show needs to move along much faster than the rate it does because it can get boring after a while to only move slightly forward with a story.

Yiannis Cove