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Montreal’s Festival du Nouveau Cinéma 2010: Two Movies About Killer Snakes?

Truth be told, there is too many movies showing at this year’s Festival du nouveau cinema film festival that I want to watch. I initially posted my five most anticipated films in the “Temps Ø” program. However for anyone who has time to include more movies, why not add these to your list?



Hisss (also known as Nagin: The Snake Woman) is a 2010 independent co-production between the United States and India, directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch (Surveillance, Boxing Helena).

The film stars Bollywood Star Mallika Sherawat and was shot simultaneously in English and Hindi and famed special effects designer Robert Kurtzman was responsible for developing the look of the Snake Woman in the film.


An American adventurer travels to India and captures the mate of a ‘ichchadhari’ Naagin from the jungles. This leads to Naagin transforming into a sexy woman who goes on a killing spree in the city to find and rescue her mate. A breathtaking taking chase to control the let loose super powerful killer in the form of Naagin is undertaken by an investigating officer, Vikram Gupta (played by Irfan Khan).


The Intruder

Karma comes back to bite the innocent and the not-so-innocent in The Intruder. Yes it’s the second film on this list that involves killer snakes, but it was also a huge hit at the Thai box office and as far as I know, has no North American distributor yet. So based on reviews I read, word of mouth and the trailer, I have to recommend everyone to try their best to see it at the fest.

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Synopsis: Before the giant Suvarnabhumi international airport was built, the neglected and unoccupied area was called King Cobra Swamp by the locals. During construction, while removing a banyan tree thousands of cobra spilled forth from the earth killing everyone. Years later a new apartment was built on the same ground. Nin, the building owner, faces the horrifying truth when hundreds of cobras start killing every living person in the apartment. A reporter decides to investigate the horrific phenomenon but she is forced to fight for her life when she gets in too deep.