Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 30: ‘The Brave Little Toaster’

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This week on Mousterpiece Cinema, Josh and Michael ask the important question: who plays with appliances as a child? This and other burning questions arise as they discuss The Brave Little Toaster, an indie animated film Walt Disney Pictures snatched up after its 1987 release. Both of your hosts were shocked by this cult favorite, mostly because of how much it reminded them of a certain trilogy of computer-animated films about toys, but why ruin all the fun now? You should check out the latest episode of the podcast, and give the show a rating and review on iTunes while you’re at it!



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  1. Staindslaved says

    Haven’t listened to the entire podcast yet but I’m curious if you are aware of the fact that this was supposed to be the first computer animated film ever made. Disney thought that they could make computer animated films at a lower price tag than their hand-drawn features. The fact that John Lasseter said it would cost as much as a hand-drawn feature is the main reason why he was fired, not the dark tone of some scenes.

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