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Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 41: ‘Fantasia’

It’s a momentous week at Mousterpiece Cinema headquarters, as your three hosts–Josh, Mike, and Gabe–come together for the first time! And they’re joined by a very special guest, Kate Kulzick from The Televerse podcast at Sound on Sight. What’s the special occasion? This week, your hosts and their guest tackle one of the biggest classics in the Walt Disney Pictures filmography: Fantasia, the 1940 classic filled with animated segments set to pieces of classical music. With such a big movie to discuss, it’s no surprise that the guys and Kate had a long, expansive discussion. You’ll definitely want to listen as Josh commits another act of heresy, Kate educates us on the film’s musical elements, and much, much more. Check out the new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema now!


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