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Mousterpiece Cinema, Herbie Challenge Episode One: ‘The Love Bug’

Well, folks, there’s some good news and bad news. Let’s rip the bandage off first: because of some unforeseen scheduling and family issues, our National Treasure discussion has been postponed until next month. But fear not! In its place, we do have a brand-new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema for you, and it’s extra-special! A month ago, Mike extended a challenge to Josh: get 100 Likes on Facebook, and discuss the 1997 TV-movie version of The Love Bug on the show. Over 100 of you have Liked us on Facebook, so your wishes have come true! This week, in our first (and hopefully not last) Herbie Challenge episode, Mike and Josh analyze The Love Bug, from Bruce Campbell to Herbie’s past to Jim Douglas and his many, many wives. Check it out–and make sure to keep Liking us to keep the challenge alive!


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