Mr. Moviefone Taking His ‘6 Second Reviews’ to Radio

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Russ Leatherman, better known as Mr. Moviefone, has struck a deal with the Elvis Duran Group to turn his online “6 Second Reviews” into a radio segment. In that tiny window of time Mr. Moviefone tells you everything you need to know about a movie and for some reason somebody thinks it is a good idea to syndicate the reviews across various radio stations in the United States through a barter deal. And if you think this is bad idea, it gets worse. They also plan to turn the reviews into a television pilot as well. Is this the state of film criticism these days, that we’ve turned a true art form into a six second joke?

The plan is to deliver one movie review and one DVD review each day to the radio stations, eventually adding reviews of TV shows, video games and music, which are already available online at

Leatherman went on to say, “We live in an A.D.D. world where people want to know quickly whether they should spend 10 bucks for a movie,” Leatherman said. “Seven seconds is too long, and five seconds isn’t long enough.”

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