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UPDATE: Netflix formally orders ‘Full House’ spinoff, titled ‘Fuller House’

UPDATE: Netflix formally orders ‘Full House’ spinoff, titled ‘Fuller House’

Full House

Following weeks of speculation, official word has now been released that Netflix has ordered a 13-episode season of Fuller House, a continuation of the 90s sitcom Full House. John Stamos, one of the stars of the predecessor series, made the announcement last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, stating that the show, which will premiere in 2016, will begin as a reunion before moving on to focus on the present-day lives of DJ Tanner-Fuller, Stephanie Tanner, and Kimmy Gibbler, with original performers Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber all set to reprise their roles.

TVLine provides some more details with regards to the story the new series will follow. DJ will be the focal character this time around, as she will be a veterinarian living in San Francisco who’s pregnant with her third child. DJ’s recent widowing will open the door for Stephanie and Kimmy Gibbler to move in, with Stephanie now an aspiring musician, and Kimmy having a teenage daughter of her own, named Ramona. DJ’s two children will be named J.D. and Max.

Stamos himself is onboard as executive producer, and will reprise his role as Uncle Jesse in a guest-starring capacity. Negotiations to bring other Full House castmembers back for the spinoff, such as Bob Saget and the Olsen twins, are underway. The video where Stamos made the announcement can be seen below.

The original story, posted on April 3rd, can be read below.



As Netflix‘s streaming service has grown over the years, the company has increasingly branched out into original content. Alongside new shows, Netflix has also brought back series that were cancelled by other channels, such as The Killing and Longmire, and brought back popular shows such as Arrested Development and the series continuation of Wet Hot American Summer. Now the service appears poised to revive another show, as TV Line is reporting that Netflix is in talks with Warner Bros for a Full House revival series.

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Titled Fuller House, the series will revolve around DJ and Kimmy, with original series stars Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber set to reprise their respective roles. Full House creator Jeff Franklin is also onboard, as is star John Stamos, who has been tapped to be a producer as well as guest star. Bob Saget and Dave Coulier are also set to reprise their roles in guest appearances.

The series is set to have a 13-episode first season order, though neither Warner Bros. nor Netflix have confirmed the show’s revival.