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NYCC Field Report: Star Wars Rebels

NYCC Field Report: Star Wars Rebels


The panel started with footage from the show. The Ghost’s shuttle flies through a canyon, dodging fire from a TIE Fighter. The pilot, Hera, deftly maneuvers to destroy the enemy fighter. Ezra, the newest addition to the crew, is not impressed with her skills and feels he could do a better. However, when three TIE fighters appear and move to attack the ship he loses his confidence and admits he isn’t ready at all.

The voice of Hera, Vanessa Marshall, was on hand to discuss the filming of the series. She revealed that she is an enormous Star Wars fan, saying that if she saw someone in a Millenium Falcoln shirt she would drop what she was doing to speak to them. After praising the creative team behind both Clone Wars and Rebels a full episode of the series was shown.

The episode, titled “Rise of the Old Masters” and set to premier on October 27, was superb. Without wanting to give anything away, the episode had all the best elements of Star Wars. There was a training scene with the Jedi Kanan and the young Ezra, exciting action, humor, and a sinister villain ion the form of the Inquisitor. The crew’s banter and dialogue felt natural and fluid, although the art style will still take some getting used to.

All in all, Rebels seems set to revitalize the Star Wars universe. While Clone Wars became a very good series, it was still set in the prequel era. Rebels represents a return to the old Star Wars, the original trilogy. The universe is lived in, and rusty instead of bright and shiny. The Empire is bad and the Rebels are good, which is welcome after the ambiguity of the Clone Wars. May the Force be with this series.

Rebels airs Mondays at 9.