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Oculus announces its second virtual reality film ‘Henry’

Oculus announces its second virtual reality film ‘Henry’


The virtual reality company Oculus has posted details on their website about their new film Henry. The film will revolve around Henry the hedgehog, which already sounds like the most adorable thing. According to Variety, “the movie is all about a hedgehog who longs for friendship, but scares away other animals with his spikiness.” Again, incredibly adorable. And it will be completely in virtual reality, which makes it another great reason why they should keep making kid friendly films for the Oculus Rift, especially if they’re going to be about cute animals.

The film is directed by Pixar animator Ramiro Lopez Dau and will premiere at an event on June 28. It will eventually be available for free to those who buy Oculus headsets, which are set to be released early next year. The film will be produced by one of Oculus’ own production companies, and has also been worked on by animators who have worked for Pixar and Dreamworks. Other specific details haven’t been released yet, but hopefully more will be revealed closer to its premiere.