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Our Favourite Fictional Bands: Fictional Band: Deathmøle from ‘Questionable Content

Our Favourite Fictional Bands: Fictional Band: Deathmøle from ‘Questionable Content


Over the years, Jeph Jacques has created a universe bursting with interesting characters. His web comic, titled Questionable Content, focuses on Marten Reed who is just starting his new life in Northampton, Massachusetts. The comic follows Marten’s daily life, from work (currently at the college library) to hanging out at the local coffee shop, or drinking (usually “something cheap, with a name like “Midnight Hobo” so you know its good” – QC). One of Marten’s more interesting adventures is his side band, Deathmøle. Marten formed the band with his neighbors Amir, Hannelore, and Natasha, and their style can best be defined as post-metal, with themes of violence and unicorns. The unique blend of characters lends itself to odd conceptual song choices.

What makes the band interesting is that Jeph has released 11 albums from the band through Bandcamp and other various means. Each track has deep, complex melodic qualities that can be either soothing or, when coupled with a thrashing guitar, heavy and violent. Deathmøle’s music is written and recorded by Jeph himself and has spanned nearly a decade of work. Each song is original, with the exception of one cover (Low’s “Two-Step”) and each album varies conceptually.

Playing and recording each track can be difficult and time-consuming, but when compounded with a 5-page-a-week webcomic and a convention schedule, the work is truly impressive. In late 2013, Jeph opened a Kickstarter to fund the professional recording of the next Deathmøle album (At the time, Permanence). The goal funding was just over $9,000, but the final total topped $140,000.

Jeph can currently be found on Twitter, Bandcamp, Tumblr, and of course Questionable Content’s homepage. He can also be found on Patreon where fans can sponsor his activities for some great rewards.

– Cory Weddell