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UPDATE: Shane Black’s ‘Predator’ a sequel, not a reboot

UPDATE: Shane Black’s ‘Predator’ a sequel, not a reboot


UPDATE: Collider spoke with Director Shane Black and got word that his Predator reboot is actually an “inventive sequel”. “Why start over when you’ve all this rich mythology yet to mine?”

Predator, John McTiernan’s 1987 campy action classic starring Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting rebooted with Shane Black (Iron Man 3, Lethal Weapon) attached to write a treatment and direct, THR reported Tuesday.

This should be a pet project for Black, as he actually has a small acting part in McTiernan’s original. John Davis, the producer of the original film, is also signed back on to produce the reboot. Black will also oversee Fred Dekker (Robo Cop 3) in writing the screenplay.

If you’re wondering why it has taken Hollywood this long to dredge up another ’80s staple, it’s because the character Predator has not been far from our memories, with a sequel in 1990, two Alien vs. Predators movies in the 2000s and the Robert Rodriguez produced Predators four years ago.

Although there’s no word yet on when to expect production to begin or a release date, it may have to wait until Black is done with some other projects. On IMDB he’s attached to Doc Savage and Death Note, and THR notes he’s rounding up a cast for The Nice Guys.

Schwarzenegger in particular was apparently very excited at the news, responding thusly.