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‘Lake Erie Monster’ #1: A Modern Iteration of Classic Horror

‘Lake Erie Monster’ #1: A Modern Iteration of Classic Horror

Lake Erie Monster #1
Written and Illustrated by: J. Kelly and John G.Lake Erie Monster 1
Published by: Shiner Comics Group

Remember Creepy and Eerie comics? Did you grow up with Tales from the Crypt? Did you love watching Creepshow? The Lake Erie Monster is a wonderful throwback to the classic horror comics of the 70’s. The art, the tales, even the narration scream of a love for classic horror comics, and that, in part, is why the series is such an entertaining read. In Northeastern Ohio there is a legend of a monster that hides in the murky waters of Lake Erie. This mysterious creature has lent its name to a hockey team, a beer, and now, a series of spine chilling horror comics.

The first issue of the series is broken into two parts, a format familiar to comics of this genre. The first portion, set in the 1960’s/70’s, begins with a young, lovely blonde. She poses for her photographer along the churning waters of Lake Erie. Slowly, terrifyingly, the monster of the lake creeps up behind her, killing the photographer, and dragging her body into the dark depths of the lake. Her friends, desperate for answers, begin searching the rocky weatherbeaten shore, finding only the photographer’s head.
In the second chapter, titled “Thousand Legger,” is the tale of a young man, paralyzed from the waist down. The man awakens in the middle of the night with a strange burning coursing through his lifeless legs. Startled, he rips away his blankets to discover his own legs held in the burning grasp of a massive centipede. Its touch swelling and numbing his body as he wriggles to escape from its grasp.

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All in all, The Lake Erie Monster is a fun read for anyone who knows and loves the classic-era horror comics. The series at last check has four issues out, and is available both online through their website and through a number of local retailers in the Cleveland area. I was recently able to talk to Jake Kelly about his involvement in the comic.