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Quentin Tarantino’s Possible New Film

Since 2009’s successful Inglourious Basterds and its subsequent awards season run for 2010, Quentin Tarantino has stayed relatively under the radar with his film developments…until last week. Deadline caught Tarantino out at an Oscar afterparty and got an exclusive word from the famed director/writer that he will be setting up shop at the Weinstein Company (who were also behind Inglourious Basterds) for his next project: a Western that may have Basterds star Christoph Waltz leading the cast with names like Keith Carradine, Franco Nero and Treat Williams bandied about as other players in the project.

An initial draft has already been completed and a final one is expected to be delivered in two months time and production to hopefully begin soon after. Tarantino is quoted as saying that “compared to recent scripts like Inglourious Basterds and Kill Bill that took so long to crystallize, this one came together much quicker and just flowed out of him.” Tarantino’s idea for a western seems to have been percolating for years as he’s expressed interest several times in creating a ‘spaghetti western’ centering on a historical context of slavery set in the American South. Could this be the very idea that he’s cooking up? Many fans and media outlets alike seem to hope so.