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‘Rebels’ #4: When to turn Home

‘Rebels’ #4: When to turn Home

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Rebels #4
Written by Brian Wood
Art by Andrea Mutti
Colors by Jordie Bellaire
Published by Dark Horse Comics

Duty before honor seems to be the theme of this issue of Rebels. Seth and company are taking care of business, and Seth has no second thoughts about being with Mercy. He’s so driven in his resolve to follow through on his orders he’s not willing to leave for a day to see her. It’s understandable that a man like Seth would want to impress General George Washington, but the foreshadowing that his personal life will crumble is hard to watch.

This issue tells us that Seth and Ezekiel have been traveling with their fellow Green Mountain Boys to destroy the Red Coats. A less than stellar showing in front of Washington leads Seth to focus on nothing other than doing exactly what Washington doesn’t want.

Near the end of the issue, Ezekiel tells us that Seth isn’t too far from Mercy and it would take less than a day to get to her. Seth decides it’s better to stay away.

Brian Wood puts together a sort of tepid issue. There’s a lot of disjointed action and a plot made to keep Seth away from Mercy for the foreseeable future. The two action sequences aren’t as well drawn out as the raid from a couple issues back and the point that the Colonists can wreak havoc could’ve been shown with one scene. Even though the action is a little humdrum the heart of the story between Seth and Mercy is still compelling. How the decisions Seth makes in this issues will affect his relationship wholeheartedly.

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Andrea Mutti continues to draw seemingly historical masterpieces on each page. Jordie Bellaire continues to work in broad and bold colors to disassociate the Rebels from the Red Coats. Rebels #4 may have more action than past issues, but more heart and a continued telling of the strife between Seth and Mercy will make this a more energized read.