Revenge, Ep. 2.12, “Collusion”: The end is near




Season 2, Episode 13, “Collusion”

Written by Sallie Patrick and Sunil Nayar

Directed by Matt Shakman

Airs Sundays at 9 pm (ET) on ABC

There was a definite air of impending doom on this weeks Revenge. There was also a good deal of change, a relationship ended, a deal went through, someone went to the dark side, someone did a little backstabbing and there was a name change.

“Your not a Grayson, not really anyway”, Amanda reminds Charlotte early in the episode. The newly minted eighteen year old promptly goes out and changes her name to Clarke. Per usual with Charlotte I got the sense that name change wasn’t some kind of attempt to get closer to her “sister” or even the father she never knew. It was more than likely done out of a misguided sense of getting her folks back. But really isn’t that what Charlotte does best?

This week we finally got a peak at what exactly Carrion is. Nolan’s super powerful (but unfinished) program that’s wanted by the Initiative, has the ability to knock Manhattan off its power grid in seconds. And even though his relationship with Padma is pretty much a sham after he learned of her plans to steal Carrion for the Initiative it’s nice to see him playing someone instead of getting played.

“My advice? Play her like she’s playing you”, Emily’s advice to Nolan is certainly going to lead to some interesting twists for Nolan’s character. Also who else on Revenge is so able to give a completely pained expression like Gabriel Mann? Every week my Nolan obsession gets a little bit stronger. I hope next season the writers actually give him a viable love interest. When is he ever going to come out a winner in that department?

It’s also going to be interesting to see what the writers are going to with the Carrion project. Though I’m a little sick of the whole Initiative storyline the Carrion project is an interesting way of bringing everything center and laying it in our characters laps.

“Collusion”, did unfortunately did bring out my big fear. Aidan has now gone dark side. I know a lot of viewers have complained about this character but frankly I like him and his storyline. His search for his sister (no matter how futile it may be) is a thread that connects the two seasons. Especially considering that this year has gone off in so many directions. It seems however that with these last few episodes the writers are circling back around to Emily’s main goal- take down Victoria. They even gave her a head start when Daniel’s deal went through, setting up Grayson Global for a massive blow.

For once Declan was right. Amanda and Jack’s trusting Conrad was not a great decision. Especially given the fact that it took Conrad about a minute and a half to sell out the Porter clan with going into business with the ever creepy Nate Ryan. Honestly I cant see Nate making it that long sense he’s betraying his own brother by going to Conrad and Kenny is clearly the planner between those two.

“Collusion” showed what’s great about Revenge. Last weeks episode was slow and showed off a lot of the flaws that this season has suffered from but this week we got to see a tighter episode with a clear direction. “Collusion” was a good lead into what is going to come for the season finale.

– Tressa

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