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Revolution, Ep. 2.20: “Tomorrowland” brings back old weapons of war

Revolution, Ep. 2.20: “Tomorrowland” brings back old weapons of war

revolution "tomorrowland"

Revolution, Season 2, Episode 20: “Tomorrowland”
Written by Trey Callaway & Ryan Parrott
Directed by David Boyd
Airs Wednesdays at 8pm (ET) on NBC

In the fiery furnace of the apocalypse, uneasy alliances are forged and shattered in an instant. Miles — wary over Monroe’s plan to steal the Patriots’ mustard gas (a relic of early 20th century warfare) and use it against them, potentially killing innocents in Willoughby — turns down Monroe’s offer to stand by his side. Instead, Miles captures the mustard gas, and uses it to get a double agent to keep close eyes on the power structure in the local Patriots chapter.

However, Monroe’s desire to take down the Patriots brings him an old frenemy with a common goal: Neville, who believes the President has killed Julia. It’s an alliance that previously brought both men a cornucopia of power. But with a new world order and Monroe jr in play, the deck isn’t quite what it once was.

Much of the other action is mere window dressing for these reshaped alliances, with Miles and Rachel pretending to end their affair to lower Monroe’s guard among the more notable beats.

The big set piece centres on the aforementioned gas, the billowing CGI fumes decimating the rebel camp in swift, yet somewhat full fashion. But nanobot-infused Priscilla wanders in the yellow musk as though it’s a fresh sea breeze. She’s strange for strange’s sake, no more curious about the world than a cadre of war criminals who’d gas the innocent just to see what happens. The nanobots’ world view is one hampered by a child’s sense of morality: they want to protect Aaron but have zero qualms in freezing Patriots to mimic a magazine. The end game for the nano is not yet clear, but their shaky relationship with Aaron grounds them in a world where they could have complete control should they wish.

Charlie is still too torn up over Jason’s death to play a significant role this week, while Miles gets to throw a few barbs in the direction of Gene while not having much else to do, other than tagging along on Monroe’s coattails as he procures some of the gas.

It is the shifting alliances and the danger posed by 100 tons of mustard gas that are the key takeaways from a middling outing. With two episodes left and a major battle impending, the weakest of alliances will need to bond tighter than Krazy Glue to beat the horrifying threat the Patriots pose.