‘Safehouse’ is a Hollywood-style blockbuster made for the paltry sum of £500, and you can now watch it online


Blockbuster film budgets are often a hot topic of discussion among film fans. Big name directors are handed millions of dollars by a studio, and the end product that results is often questioned, as a disturbing number of movies are either unable to effectively utilise their budget,  leaving a mess onscreen that has viewers wondering where the money went, or squander it on meaningless spectacles that lack a coherent, satisfying plot to tie it all together. Smaller budgets, however, often force filmmakers to focus on keeping the audience’s attention through other means, which often leads to a more memorable cinema. With this philosophy, a group of independent filmmakers set out to make a blockbuster in the vein of Hollywood’s summer offerings, with the restriction of only a £500 budget. The end result is a fascinating science fiction thriller, and the film in its entirety has now been uploaded to youtube, where it can be seen for free. Watch it below.


[vsw id=”1nQlSHXUAWI” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”425″ autoplay=”no”]

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