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Shane Carruth is going mainstream with ‘The Modern Ocean’

Shane Carruth is going mainstream with ‘The Modern Ocean’

Shane Carruth in Upstream Color

Who would’ve thought the director of Primer and Upstream Color would go mainstream?

This is the case though as Deadline reports Shane Carruth is set to make The Modern Ocean, a big budget nautical action adventure film, for WME. It’ll be Carruth’s third film and first one with a larger budget.

Carruth talked about the film earlier this year with Motherboard talking about what the style will be like.

The Modern Ocean is stylistically just going to be a film. It’s gonna be a very high level of production, but I don’t want the style to dictate the contents. Really, I want the style to sort of go away this time.

And the camera movement reflects the mood of the characters in a way that’s not your typical “shoot something in two different angles and figure it out in the edit.” The film will be very purposeful in the way that it moves.

He added that the primary cast is made up of about ten people, with another twenty or more as supporting players.  The film is set at sea, and finds the crew of a ship dealing with a host of problems: the ocean, weather, battles with other ships, and each other.