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‘SNL’ revives Dr. Evil and spoofs ‘Serial’

‘SNL’ revives Dr. Evil and spoofs ‘Serial’


As part of their Christmas special with host Amy Adams, this weekend’s Saturday Night Live had a little holiday fun with one of the hottest recent hits in 2014 pop culture: the blockbuster podcast Serial. Cecily Strong took on the role of host Sarah Koenig, but threw in a little twist, investigating whether or not a man named Kris Kringle could actually deliver toys to every house on Earth as he claimed. Find out whodunnit below:

But that wasn’t SNL’s only surprise this weekend. Also nestled under the Christmas Tree was Mike Myers reprising his role from Austin Powers as Dr. Evil. Dr. Evil addressed Kim Jong-un directly in response to the events surrounding The Interview, but also played fan service as well. See his stint below:

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