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Matt Ryan to reprise the character of Constantine for The CW’s ‘Arrow’

Matt Ryan to reprise the character of Constantine for The CW’s ‘Arrow’


The 2014-2015 television season saw DC comics launch numerous television series based on their existing properties, having already found success previously in the medium with The CW’s Green Arrow-centric series Arrow. While two of their series, The CW’s Flash and Fox’s Gotham, gained renewals from their respective channels, the NBC series Constantine did not receive the same fate, finding itself cancelled at the end of its 13-episode first season order, much to the chagrin of the show’s fans. Among one of the more vocal supporters for the renewal of the series was Arrow lead Stephen Amell, who offered to reprise his role as Oliver Queen on the series if it received a second season, solidifying ties between the two shows and establishing that they take place in the same universe.

While the lack of a second season meant that Amell wouldn’t be reprising his role on another channel, the Green Arrow and John Constantine are nonetheless now poised to cross paths, as it has now been announced that Constantine lead Matt Ryan will be reprising his role as the titular character on the upcoming fourth season of Arrow. The character is poised to appear in only one episode so far, the season’s fifth, and the exact nature of Constantine’s place in the show’s world has not been revealed. Ryan himself took to twitter to confirm the announcement, in a video that can be seen below.

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