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‘Star Fox Zero’ blasts its way onto Wii U

‘Star Fox Zero’ blasts its way onto Wii U


The Lylat System is under siege once again with Nintendo’s Star Fox Zero, a reimagining of the Star Fox universe on the Wii U. Using both the TV screen and gamepad to gun down enemies (or annoy wing mates), players control the anthropomorphic Fox McCloud as he pilots his Arwing through both new and familiar settings like Corneria, also utilizing a Landmaster tank that can also turn into a ship, a walker that previously only existed in the cancelled Star Fox 2 for SNES, and the Gyrowing, a kind of hovering helicopter-like craft. Players can aim over a wider area with the gamepad cockpit view, or stick to the TV screen’s third-person action to do their business. Secrets abound in each level, and it will take a mastery of all vehicle types, as well as special moments where little robots can be deployed, to find each and every one. As revealed by producer Shigeru Miyamoto on Nintendo Treehouse Live, the game is being co-developed with Platinum Games, with the director of Bayonetta 2 Yusuke Hashimoto specifically involved. No on-foot sections fighting dinosaurs were shown, so it looks like Star Fox fans can breath easy and enjoy the vehicle combat the series is loved for.

Get ready to barrel roll around Pigma,  pepper Falco with friendly fire, and save Slippy’s butt over and over again when Star Fox Zero lands on Wii U this holiday season.