Suffering From Withdrawal? Here Is the Very Best of the First Three Seasons of ‘Breaking Bad’ – #8

Top 10 Episodes #8

Season 1, Episode 3: And the Bag’s in the River

Directed by Adam Bernstein

Written by Vince Gilligan

This is the episode in which Jesse and Walt clean up the mess caused by Jesse’s chosen method to get rid of Emilio’s body. The episode recalls such films as Very Bad Things and Shallow Grave, in which a group of men are left to find the best way to get rid of a dead body without getting caught. However, the method with which they methodically dispose of the corpse bears similarities to another hit TV show, Dexter. Meanwhile, Walt still has has the dilemma of what to do with Krazy-8, who is still chained in the basement and seemingly recovering from his attempted poisoning.

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