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‘Superior Iron Man’ #6: experiencing some lag

‘Superior Iron Man’ #6: experiencing some lag


Superior Iron Man #6
Written by Tom Taylor
Art by Laura Braga
Colors by Guru-eFX
Published Marvel Comics

Superior Iron Man returns. While this entry lacks a great deal of the edge that has made the book so compelling, it carries through a lot of the series’ promise. The issue opens up in good form, as Tony Stark strong-arms the American military to buy blueprints to a superweapon else he sell them to Russia or China. However this is the issue where Pepper Potts finally steps to rival her employer turned mad man. Tom Taylor, as always, injects his characters with rich personality and charm. However, Teen Abomination, who received an extended origin last issue, has little to do beyond act the role of a wall of muscle. Pepper Potts reads like she’s missing a few traits, though she is trying to stand strong in what Tony himself would deem a nightmare scenario.

Larua Braga holds down the fort for now. As much as it’s painful to dismiss a female artist on such a big title, Braga is no comparison to Yildiray Cinar. She does a serviceable job aping Cinar’s style but there’s no moment, save for a finishing splash page, that really pops. Her action panels are a mixed bag. Some of them feel missing some much needed energy. Other times, particularly with the last few pages, there are great shots of superhumans battling. The big let down is the setting. Most of this issue takes place within office spaces which is a waste of Braga’s talents.


This issue of Superior Iron Man lacks much of the bite that it’s had so far. Braga is a decent fill in artist, but the absence of Yildiray Cinar is noted. The issue ends on a lead up to what should be an amazing issue next month, especially with Pepper Potts finally stepping out from the shadows. This issue isn’t bad, Tom Taylor’s rarely a disappointment, but this issue is awkward as it’s stuck between story arcs and artists.