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Doctor Who, S08E02 promo pic, "Into the Dalek"

Doctor Who, Ep. 8.02, “Into the Dalek”: Excellent character work outweighs familiar third act

The Daleks aren’t going anywhere, but with massive Whovian Peter Capaldi’s Dalek story out of the way, they’ll hopefully go on hiatus for a while and take their tiresome plot retreads with them, leaving behind the significant structural and character-based improvements demonstrated here. It would seem many of the season eight premiere’s most prudent choices are here to stay; only two episodes into the Twelfth Doctor’s tenure, there’s already a lot to be excited about.

Peter Ferdinando Hyena

EIFF 2014: ‘Hyena’ is a brutal example of British nihilism

Hyena, the second feature from London-born director Gerard Johnson, opens with a slow motion raid on a neon-blue nightclub. The four men who carry it out are inebriated – a mixture of drink and drugs – and meet wordlessly en route in a small, plain car. When they park in an alleyway and pull on police gear, your first instinct is that they’re faking it, putting on masks. But it transpires that they really are policeman, just the kind that employ violence indiscriminately and abuse their authority to take a cut from local gangs.

‘A Field In England’ Movie Review – flawed but fascinatingly curious

The increasingly prolific Ben Wheatley returns to screens a little under a year since his gallows-humour effigy Sightseers. Like a talent possessed, he seems like a filmmaker anxious to capitalise on his growing cult recognition and harness larger and more challenging material, a successful strategy that has give him a growing fanbase on both sides of the pond.

‘Sightseers’ is Britain at its most hilariously creepy

Fans of Ben Wheatley’s brutally tense thriller Kill List may be a bit surprised by his new film, Sightseers. It is a film without tension and without terror. It’s just a charming little comedy about life, love, and serial murder.

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