Jennifer Kent’s ‘The Babadook’ is a new horror great

The Babadook contains DNA from such disparate influences as Roman Polanski, Joe Dante, Georges Méliès, German expressionism, and Roald Dahl, but Australian writer-director Jennifer Kent’s very impressive feature debut is an intensely emotional horror film that feels completely unique in the current film landscape. It’s an allegory on grief, love, loss, and maternal trauma, and is as consistently unnerving as many a Polanski movie (and is the scariest thing with Roald Dahl blood since Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).


The Walking Dead, Ep. 5.07, “Crossed” and why season five is such an improvement

“Crossed” cuts back and forth between four groups in four different locations in order to set up the big midseason-finale next week. While it seems a wide decision to check back in with Rick and Michonne after several episodes spent elsewhere, the episode feels like a filler/transitional episode. There are far too many characters to follow in far too many places, and the end result feels somewhat disjointed. It succeeds in moving the chess pieces into their necessary places for next week’s dramatic showdown, but lacks the tension and urgency viewers were anticipating. With plenty of dialogue and little action, “Crossed” is the weakest installment of season five yet.


The Walking Dead, Ep. 5.06, “Consumed” a welcome return to the show’s most compelling characters

“Consumed” follows Carol and Daryl in pursuit of the mysterious vehicle that belongs to Beth’s kidnappers. The dynamic duo make good progress into the city eventually making their way to a safe house while running into the occasional zombies along the way. The hour proves harmless enough for the pair of seasoned veterans, and while at times exciting, “Consumed” it is a predictable, voyage into the heart of Atlanta. But despite a lack of suspense and horror, “Consumed” is a welcome return to two of the show’s most compelling characters; and an episode that gives two of our least talkative survivors a chance to express themselves. The journey is the destination this week. “Consumed” gives Carol and Daryl some much-needed breathing room to examine how much they’ve both changed in five seasons.

‘Wytches’ #2 – that rarest of accomplishments in a genre notorious for repetition

The first issue of the massively successful Wytches provides readers with a solid base while leaving us with a cliffhanger and excited for more. This issue finds Sailor trying to cope with the aftermath of her traumatic attack, while her parents attempt to search for answers to what’s happened to their daughter. Wytches #2 doesn’t reveal exactly what crashed through Sailor’s window at the end of the last issue, but it does show us how it effected her mind and body.

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