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Supernatural, Season 9, Episode 7: “Bad Boys” delves into Dean’s unexplored history

Despite spending nine seasons with the Winchester brothers, there are still several aspects of their lives that remain a mystery for audiences, aspects that even Sam and Dean have kept hidden from each other. Despite their best efforts, however, these parts of their lives have often come bubbling up to the surface, due to the sheer nature of the work they do.

Supernatural, Season 9, Episode 6: “Heaven Can’t Wait” revisits Castiel’s struggles in adjusting

One of the most intriguing aspects of Metatron’s spell to cast the angels out of heaven was the loss of Castiel’s grace in the process. While the angel had, at that point, already spent a lot of time around humans, it was nonetheless bound to be a big adjustment for him to be human. This week once again picks up on the thread of Castiel trying to survive on his own, in a gripping episode that manages to reveal another layer to the angels while once again revisiting the power struggle between Crowley and Abaddon.

Supernatural, Season 9, Episode 5: “Dog Dean Afternoon” puts Dean’s compassionate side on display

One thing that Supernatural has made clear throughout its run is that, no matter what larger threat looms over the Winchesters, be it Lilith or the Apocalypse, lesser monsters continue to be a problem that doesn’t go away. Occasionally, the Winchesters thus have to drop their larger fight to take on an old-fashioned monster, and this week is no different, as the brothers take a break from angels and demons to take on a one-off villain in an exciting episode that mixes in liberal doses of humour to the proceedings.

Supernatural, Ep. 9.02: “Devil May Care” revisits the fight for control of Hell

While last week’s Supernatural season premiere focused on the aftermath of Angels falling to Earth following Metatron’s plans, last season’s finale also left the leadership of Hell in question, as Crowley ended up captured by the Winchesters just as Abaddon announced her presence, following the use of her own severed hand to dig a bullet out of her skull and free herself.

Supernatural, Ep 8.19: “Taxi Driver” sees the Winchesters lose a valuable ally while gaining a questionable new one

For most of Supernatural’s run, the Winchester brothers have found themselves on the reactionary end of things, racing to stop threats and avenge loved ones with the entities they’re fighting, from Azazel to the Leviathan, staying one step ahead most of the time. Closing the gates to Hell, however, marks a rare instance where the brothers are proactive, as they have been able to go about their actions with Crowley and Naomi, the main antagonistic forces, trying to catch up to them, rather than the other way around.

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