Jet Li

No Country for Old Men Who Kick Ass

What proved the saving grace to the careers of these action stars – and also a way to turn the self-caricature, normally a loss, into a win – ended up getting bigger than just any one of them. It gave them a moment of relevance to get some action films of theirs made, but it won’t last long.

‘Black Mask’, hampered by clumsy direction, only sees some of its promise through

Great cinema Black Mask is not, nor an achievement in martial arts filmmaking it is not either, too frequently hampered by shoddy mise en scène and editing. The story is not much to write home about either, eschewing the love triangle potential between Tsui Karen and Yeuk Laan with the most anticlimactic death scene possible…with still half an hour to go.

Fistful of Film Fury: Welcome to the fight of your lives

Welcome to Fistful of Film Fury, Sound on Sight’s new regular column exploring the world of martial arts film (The term world is taken seriously in this case, as shall be demonstrated in the weeks and months to come.). Fighting movies have been one of the most sought-after genres since the 1970s. The expansion of its popularity came in the aforementioned decade and was in large part due to the jaw-dropping output from the Shaw Brothers Studios in its heyday.

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