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Fantasia 2011: Just Added! Ti West’s ‘The Innkeepers’ + Will There Be A Second Jet Li Film At Fantasia?

Anyone who follows my Twitter feed would have noticed that I posted a tweet stating that one of the secret/last minute additions to the Fantasia Film Festival would be Ti West’s latest horror flick The Innkeepers. You see every year I pretty much guess what all the “secret” screenings will be. Two years ago I told everyone that Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds would screen before the festival program was ever printed, an nobody believed me. A year before, I told everyone to check out Ti West’s House Of The Devil (another last minute addition) and was disappointed to see that the screening wasn’t sold out, considering it was not only one of the best films at the fest, but also one of the best films of the year. So basically what I am trying to say is “I told you so”. So everyone check out The Innkeepers. You won’t regret it. We already have a review from SXSW which you can read here.

Also Kyle recently reported that there would also be a secret screening of a 3D Asian film, which is still not announced. Rumor has it, that it won’t be Kim Ji-Hun’s highly-anticipated monster movie Sector 7, nor is Miike’s Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai and instead will be a Hong Kong production. Anyone who follows the trailers we post on our site, may be able to narrow it down to two choices if these rumors are correct. If so one of those two films stars Jet Li..

Also if you haven’t checked Kyle’s post yet, and you want to see a possible second screening of Attack The Block, I suggest you go here and read it. Remember none of this is confirmed. These are simply some speculations from folks we know

The Innkeepers has its Canadian Premiere on July 25th at 9:45pm in the Hall Theatre. More info on the film page HERE.

-Ricky D