‘Lucy’ is the guiltiest of pleasures

Sometimes, despite reason and common sense, there is no escaping the kinetic charm of a truly ridiculous creation. If it’s true that we only use 10% of our brains, you’ll need to disengage 9% of it to enjoy Lucy. But what truly wondrous sights that 1% will enjoy!

Nikita, Ep 3.22: “Til Death Do Us Part” closes out the season with an unexpected death and a major demolition

Despite Division having more resources all season, Amanda was a looming threat on all the organisation’s major players, and remained so no matter how few allies and operations she had. Her alignment with The Shop thus spelled very bad news for Nikita and co., news that came to a head last week with the reveal that Michael’s new hand had come with another caveat, putting Nikita between a rock and a hard place; kill the US President, or watch her own partner die a brutal death. The season finale explores the outcome of that choice, providing some genuine twists, and bringing closure to a major part of Nikita.

Nikita, Ep 3.18: “Broken Home” reveals more about Amanda as the Division coup claims the life of a major character

The boiling tensions in Division came to a head last week, pushed forward in no small part by Amanda. With Ryan out of commission, Nikita captured, and Alex mentally compromised, the leadership of the covert organisation was at the weakest level it has been since Percy’s death, making the results of this coup truly uncertain, particularly on a show that has never been hesitant in shaking up the status quo, starting all the way back with the death of major characters Thom and Jaden in season one. This week’s episode explores the fallout from the Division coup and Nikita’s capture, delivering another shocking episode that gives the audience a glimpse into what makes Amanda tick, and leaves Division irrevocably changed.

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