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    This Podcast Came From the Moon #19

    After a week off to celebrate Thanksgiving and eat turkey, the Two Man Fireteam is back!  Since the last podcast, Tim and Ryan completed Iron Banner, studied up on the December update, and dissected the coming weapon tuning.  Listen in to learn what exotics Tim and Ryan are looking forward to, what weapons to level […] More

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    The Walking Dead Podcast Episode 76: “Heads Up”

    This week, PopOptiq’s Film Editor Patrick Murphy joins Kate and Ricky to discuss “Heads Up” and the triumphant return of Glenn. Among the many topics addressed are the green balloons, the helium tank, Carl’s condescending attitude, Sam and Carol’s relationship and Morgan’s current dilemma. All this and more. [powerpress] Playlist Roky Erickson – “I Walk […] More

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    NXPress #31: Video Game Memories and the latest Nintendo Direct

    This week, Patrick, Rick, Aaron and Tim sit back and reminisce on some of their fondest memories playing video games as kids. Among the many topics discussed is the Panasonic 3DO, a home video game console platform developed by The 3DO Company — the Magnavox Odyssey is the first commercial home video game console — Legendary […] More

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    The Walking Dead Podcast Episode 75: “Always Accountable”

    After taking a week off, Rick is back to discuss The Walking Dead with Kate, and this week we invite PopOptiq managing TV Editor Deepayan Sengupta to discuss the sixth episode of season six, “Always Accountable”. One of us is not a fan of this episode so be prepared for some harsh criticism. [powerpress] Playlist […] More

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    This Podcast Came From the Moon #15

      All Hallows’ Eve is upon us once more, and with it all things spooky.  The chills and thrills have even made their way in to Destiny in the way of a two week even, Festival of the Lost.  Listen to this extra haunting episode of TPCFTM as Tim and Ryan share their thoughts on the event […] More

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    The Walking Dead Podcast Episode 72: “Thank You”

    This week we invite PopOptiq contributor Felix Vasquez Jr. To discuss an emotionally devastating episode of The Walking Dead. “Thank You” left us with plenty of questions including whether or not a certain character indeed died and whether or not Rick Grimes was bit in the hand. All this and more. [powerpress] Playlist Roky Erickson […] More

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    This Podcast Came From the Moon #14

    The Taken King has now been out for over a month, and Bungie is giving it all they’ve got to keep Destiny relevant amidst a whirlwind of new releases.  This week the Two Man Fireteam predicts changes coming to the most recent raid when its hard mode hits, discusses the return of the PVP Iron Banner […] More

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