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Open Invitation to Mousterpiece Cinema

Open Invitation to Mousterpiece Cinema


Hosting a top-rated film review show is a great way to promote the movies we love but the pressure to pander to an audience tastes is overwhelming. Some people prefer a more professionally-scripted show while others prefer a more freewheeling laid back approach. Some people prefer we discuss only mainstream films while others are interested in independent film. Over the years it became clear I would never make everyone happy, so I just decided to do what I wanted instead.

I take film criticism seriously and while I do not consider myself a film critic (as in, this is my occupation), I do try to take our podcast seriously. But that doesn’t mean I won’t have fun with what I am doing. Lord knows we here at Sound On Sight do not get paid to produce podcasts every week. So once in a while, I, along with my co-hosts Simon Howell and Edgar Chaput like to joke around. But I do assure you it is never mean-spirited and always relates somehow to the film we are reviewing. Sometimes when recording a show, excitement can take over and something can be said that may offend someone. It seems that this might have been the case with our most recent Sordid Cinema podcast, Episode 48: Django Unchained. At about the 29 minute mark, I made a comment about how Michael Ryan, host of the Mousterpiece Cinema podcast was nearly in tears during a screening of Quentin Tarantino’s latest film.

Here is what was said, word for word:

Ricky D (in explaining how terrifying he thought a specific sequence in the movie was)

“Michael Ryan was sitting next to me and he was crying, alright.”

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Simon (laughter)

“Of course he … he cries … I won’t go that far but that man is quick to tears.”

Edgar (chuckling)

There’s a reason he’s the co-host of Mousterpiece Cinema podcast and not Sordid Cinema

Simon Howell howls.

Aaaand Scene!


It seems on episode 48 of the Sordid Cinema podcast, we struck a nerve. It wasn’t long after that Michael Ryan and Mousterpiece Cinema co-host Josh Spiegel were tweeting their disapproval. Three weeks later, and they still haven’t forgotten and not even an apology has remedied the situation.

Popular talk shows often connect with their audience on an emotional level…

I guess we affected Michael … and he has expressed his feelings … but hopefully some good will come of it.

Before I go on, let me just quickly defend myself.

The text above transcribing the conversation is accurate, and transcribed word for word. I did not leave out anything that was said against Mr. Ryan. However I said very little. Yes I did mention his name, but only in context to the review. I had in fact watched Django Unchained with Michael and the point I was trying to get across, was that a specific scene in Django Unchained was terrifying. Thus, I used his fright to parallel my reaction and stress my point that the sequence was indeed alarming.

No harm was meant. Furthermore, I never mentioned Mousterpiece Cinema.

However Michael has made it clear he is not happy, as did Mr. Spiegel. So for that I apologize.

But you see, something else happened along the way. On episode 78 of the Mousterpiece Cinema podcast, Michael Ryan took the opportunity to call us, the hosts here of Sordid Cinema, “MONSTERS”.

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I would transcribe the conversation but Michael and Josh went on for a good 20 minutes discussing their feelings (someone call Dr. Phil). Even worse, Josh and Michael somehow took the few words I spoke (a brief moment in time), and twisted it into their own dark fantasy. As they put it:

“It is offensive of them to say that the disney filmography is less worthy than say the Tarantino filmography or say exploitation cinema.”

So Mike and Josh, I ask you to please inform me as to when exactly I made such a statement?

In that very same episode of their podcast, Michael Ryan issued a challenge to us here at Sordid Cinema. He asked that we invite them as guests on our show to discuss a movie of our choice.

Well Mr. Ryan, you’ve inspired me to tears. I accept your challenge.