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    10 Great Stories From ‘Star Wars Tales’

    Star Wars Tales is a quarterly anthology series published by Dark Horse from 1999 to 2005. Each issue was 64 pages long and contained a variety stories, in both number, length, content, and tone. Most stories were considered non-canonical “Infinities” stories unless canonized elsewhere (though of course, now all such stories are deemed non-canonical “legends”). In the course of its six year run, Star Wars Tales featured stories from dozens of different creators, covering numerous facets of the Star Wars universe, from serious, thoughtful tales to comedic ones to straight-up fan-demanded “what if?” type stories. Here are ten of the best, entertaining in their own right but also representative of the breadth of content available in this series More

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    The 10 Greatest Star Wars Comics on Marvel Unlimited

    Across nearly four decades and two publishing companies, the Star Wars comic book universe has seen thousands of issues chronicling tales set in a galaxy, far, far away. Following Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm, fellow subsidiary company Marvel reclaimed the license to publish new Star Wars comics in 2015. Along with it, they received publishing rights to all prior Star Wars comics, including those released by Dark Horse when it held the license (from the early 90s up to 2015). Now, thanks to Marvel’s digital subscription service, Marvel Unlimited, the vast majority (though not yet all) of these comics are available for subscribers of the service to read in one convenient place. More

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    Luke Skywalker: The Real G.O.A.T.

      It all started innocently enough with a drunken question meant to jumpstart another dull Saturday night out on the town.  What it became however, was an hour long debate on par with other eternal struggles like Lakers vs. Celtics, Capitalism vs. Communism, and Godzilla vs. King Kong.  The question posed was innocent enough: Who […] More

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    For better and for worse, the music of ‘Star Wars’ dominates its middle chapters

    Among the many sweeping divisions that separate the original Star Wars trilogy from the Prequels is in how “used” the films feel; or to put it another way, how the Prequels don’t. The franchise’s earlier installments have endured trends of computer graphics and frenetic editing across several generations in part because George Lucas leveraged a tight production budget with rusty edges […] More

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    Star Wars Annual #1 Showcases A Different Side of the War Effort

    Star Wars Annual #1 takes the latter approach, showcasing the fight against the Empire in a completely different way, sidelining all of the regular characters (except Leia, who only appears via holographic communication) and plotlines but keeping with the overall tone of the series. The end result is a fun, somewhat slight, story that deepens the Star Wars comic book universe. More

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    Quite Soon Now… In a Galaxy that We Call ‘Here’

    Not so long ago the idea of a casino that only trades in a crypto-currency would have seemed like something George Lucas had dreamed up on a particularly good day. After all, the concept of gambling with money that never actually exists in a material form is pretty out there. When you stop to think […] More

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