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E3 2015: EA closes conference with ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’

E3 2015: EA closes conference with ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’


Electronic Arts rounded out its 2015 E3 conference with the game everyone in the theater had been waiting for, the new Star Wars:Battlefront. Developed by DICE, the trailer showed actual gameplay footage from the PS4, and as usual the Frostbite engine delivered something gorgeous. Showcasing the always popular Hoth attack sequence, the world of Star Wars looked as close to the movies as it ever has, with authentic vehicle and item models developed with help from Lucasfilm’s own physical props. As usual, players can be on the side of either the rebels or the Empire, fighting on the ground in first or third-person views, and piloting a variety of vehicles, including AT-AT walkers, TIE’s, and X-Wing’s among others. The action looks intense, which is what you’d expect from the developer behind the Battlefield series, but still has that classic Star Wars feel.

The last console Battlefront hit waaay back in 2005, so when the announcement hit shortly after the closing of LucasArts that EA would develop the latest entry, many were understandably excited. For a look at the game and some of it cool surprises, check out the trailer below:

With both 40 and 8-player modes to go along with its campaign, Star Wars: Battlefront looks to reignite the franchise when it hits PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 17, 2015.

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