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    From Ahnuld to Actor: The Transition of a Former Action Star

    Maggie pits Arnold Schwarzenegger against zombies, but not in the way you’d expect. The titular character (Abigail Breslin) is infected, but Wade (Schwarzenegger) isn’t driving into the city to put down the zombie threat, he’s bringing his daughter home before the disease reaches its inhumane conclusion. Protocols are implemented to keep the virus contained to […] More

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    Fund George Romero’s son’s zombie film ‘Origins’

     It’s almost Halloween, so chances are many of you have or are gearing up to watch George A. Romero’s classics Night of the Living, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, and/or even Land of the Dead. Before you watch those, check on this new crowdfunding project on Indiegogo from the famed director’s son G. […] More

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    Tombstone Tuesday: Bob Clark’s ‘Deathdream’

    On August 30th, 1972, Deathdream was released to American theaters. Not the standard Halloween release month, but close enough to it. This second Tombstone Tuesday pick is unlike any other zombie flick in terms of its storyline and technicalities. This movie features one zombie, in one town, with only one purpose to kill. More

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    ‘Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead’ trailer is INSANE

    “The sequel you did Nazi coming”! 2009’s Norwegian horror-comedy Dead Snow was a lot of good gory fun, but this sequel, Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead, looks like it could be even more over-the-top. That’s really saying something when the first one had people dangling from a cliff by a Nazi zombie’s intestines. This […] More

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    ‘Empire of the Dead’ proves Romero is still King of the Zombies

    George Romero decided to make his latest zombie masterpiece a comic book with a planned 15 issues split into three acts,rather than a movie. Act 1 was recently released as a trade paperback. It’s hard to write an objective review of Empire Of The Dead. If you are over a certain age and love zombies than you know that George Romero almost singlehandedly defined the genre. In which case it becomes too easy too give him a pass on his more recent endeavors (Survival Of The Dead) because of his past work (Dawn Of The Dead). If you don’t care for zombies than you have no business reading Empire Of The Dead in the first place. More

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    A Look at ‘Dead Rising 3’

    In my favorite console article, the reason why the Xbox 360 was purchased over a PS3 was because of Dead Rising. When the opportunity to procure a Xbox One presented itself, I snatched it up because I could play Dead Rising 3. But does this latest installment warrant you purchasing the latest console or should […] More

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    31 Days of Horror (Zombies): Reality Bites

    If any case could be made for the advantage of running zombies in the zombie film sub-genre, Dead Set would easily trump any argument against the device. While I’m a zombie enthusiast who loves the lumbering dead, Dead Set not only endorses running zombies, but makes turns them on to a world of lazy, complacent […] More

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    Morality: Shooting Demons and Raising Livestock

    Morality in videogames is something that has been explored in various forms. My first experience with a morality system was from the Fable series. In the Fable games your character’s appearance changes based on how good or bad you are and each route has its own benefits. Another game that springs to mind is Black […] More

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