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‘Teen Titans’ #2 delivers

‘Teen Titans’ #2 delivers

Teen Titans #2Teen Titans #2

Publisher: DC
Writer: Will Pfeifer
Artist: Kenneth Rocafort

     It is becoming difficult to categorically criticize DC Comics. It seems recently that DC has had quite a bit of difficulty pushing out new titles, or bringing together new creative teams without them almost immediately becoming groan-worthy. It was almost easy to write off the company as a whole. However, Pfeifer and Rocafort seem to have found a winning strategy in Teen Titans. The second issue of the series is just as fun and entertaining as the first, pushing away all doubts about the series.

The second issue of the series picks up in the day following the bus-jacking from the premiere issue. The entire issue serves as an opportunity for Pfeifer to introduce and show off the personalities of each Titans cast member. Teen Titan Bunker seems to be the center of social media attention after speaking out in defense of the LGBTQ community. Bunker is solemnly contemplating his role in society when Beast Boy enters and, in typical Beast Boy fashion, tries to lighten the mood. After tracking discussion about a fire at STAR Labs, the pair rush off to save the day.

     Meanwhile, Robin is across town, interrogating a survivor from the team of terrorists. He is hanging, upside down, suspended over the terrorist’s hospital bed, and manages to completely vanish whenever the doctors enter the room. Elsewhere still, an underground rock concert features a tribute band to Titans member Raven. Little do they know, their favorite spooky heroine is there in person, indulging her rocker side. The only Titans member absent from this issue was Wonder Girl. The issue did, however, feature a group of costumed vigilantes dressed as Wonder Girl. The copycats managed to save a young girl from being attacked on her way home from work. The attack is reported on the evening news, which is, in turn, viewed by a new mysterious female who seems to know Cassie.

     As with the last issue, modern media plays a major role in the Titans story. This might become more of a problem for the team now that we know just who is working for Manchester Black. Without spoiling too much, this was a nice surprise for Wildstorm fans. Pfeifer and Rocafort have put together a solid second issue,  filled with small teasers and treats to set up a future story. Now is definitely the time to hop on the Teen Titans bandwagon.