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‘Teen Titans’ #8: The Kids Are Socially Alright

‘Teen Titans’ #8: The Kids Are Socially Alright


Teen Titans #8: The Kids Are Socially Alright 

Writer: Will Pfeifer

Artist: Kenneth Rocafort

This issue of (All-New) Teen Titans picks up immediately after the team saves New York from being blown to smithereens by a terrorist group with ties to S.T.A.R Labs. New 52 Manchester Black keeps up appearances as the guy you can’t nail down in terms of what his motivations are but, he does look to be helping the Titans out to some capacity. As the leader, Red Robin continues to be the guy asking the big questions like how the device they stopped was the “second most dangerous weapon” and how the events surrounding them don’t add up to him. Manchester waves off his inquiries and tells him to relax because they saved the day and should enjoy that fact. 

Raven teleports the Titans to Times Square where all of NYC eagerly awaits to congratulate them on stopping the bomb. From there the issue opens up to breathe a little bit and focuses on each member to see how they’re taking their new “social-driven” fame. Bunker and Beast Boy are on “Comedy Tonight!” The DC take on SNL, Raven is hanging out with her Tribute Band the aptly named “Night Mistress”, Wonder and the new Power Girl crack down on a wannabe that wanted to record Wonder Girl in action, and Red Robin (Don’t call him Tim) further pries into Manchester Black to see just what the deal is with the terrorist group they stopped. 

To touch on the individual story beats in the issue, Bunker and Beast Boy make big and small impressions on “Comedy Tonight!” No one wanted Beast Boy to let him use his jokes because they hated it but, superheroes never are off the clock and he stops a man from choking an audience member for it only to be a ruse to boost his star power. Meanwhile, Bunker meets a fan backstage that could make him the biggest TV Personality/Superhero ever. Not much happens on Raven’s end other than she could have a side job in concert riot control and Wonder Girl and her Wonder Squad accidentally end up online after tussling with a creep. Red Robin and Manchester are the two moving the plot forward this issue with Red Robin checking the underground base the terrorist group worked in and Manchester ends the issue by schooling him on the terrors of technology when he shows him a video of a former friend turned enemy sporting a S-symbol on his chest causing havoc.

Next, Kenneth Rocafort is the book’s mainstay for art duties and boy does he bring his A-game to the pages. This issue is a breather to reflect and revel in what the Teen Titans have been through over the first 7 issues of the relaunched title. It only makes sense for this entry be focused on characters interacting with one another, the world around them, and the dialogue. Each section focusing on a specific Titan has its own distinct feel to it. Beast Boy pops out among everyone else on the set of “Comedy Tonight!” Having green skin will do that. Raven and her “band-mates” much like her personality and costume, are in their element in the dark concert hall. Wonder Girl’s section allows Rocafort to strut more of his off-kilter panels to showcase the power and ferocity of Cassie and her attacker. Lastly, the Red Robin and Manchester are dipped in nighttime and it works because of the significance to the story. Red Robin is curious as to what is happening with S.T.A.R Labs and Manchester himself is an enigmatic figure and his goals are as shrouded as the backgrounds appear.

In all, Teen Titans #8 was a hilarious and  spotlight adventure for the Worlds Greatest Hero Celebrities that leads nicely into the  and #9.