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The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

5) Unknown Mortal Orchestra “From The Sun”
Directed by Rick Alverson

“From The Sun” sounds quite boring to me but the video is pretty weird and entertaining. The main guy is turned into an exhibition by taking abuse and being humiliated by art students. I’m quite fond of live installation type things, and you can’t help but continue to watch what this poor guy is objected to.

4) TEEN “Carolina”
Directed by Megha Barnabas

I don’t really understand the concept behind the video but you don’t necessarily need to to enjoy it. The song is lovely and the visuals are too. It’s colourful, pretty and she has an awesome freakout in Times Square.

3) Major Lazer “Bubble Butt”
Directed by Eric Wareheim

I had to include this ridiculous monstrosity, there’s not much to say apart from butt enthusiasts will enjoy. It reminded me of the hipster side of tumblr, the pale blogs and all that bullshit.
2) Caycucas “East Coast Girl”
Directed by Steven Andrew Garcia

For their debut album Bigfoot, Cayucas have been killing it with their music videos and “East Coast Girl” is no different. It’s ripe with some wonderful cinematography as they shoot basketball, climb rocks and generally hang out in pastel colour themed places. Filmed at Madonna Inn, “East Coast Girl” is another perfect summer video.

1) Joel Compass “Fucked Up”

Joel Compass’ second ever track is a depressing, morning-after anthem about messing up a fling. To match this dismal track is this cinematic music video. The cinematography is completely different from the rest of these videos but it’s beautifully dark and follows a cool, non-linear narrative accompanied by a ton of reversing.


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– Catstello