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The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

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5) Elliphant “Live Till I Die”
Directed by ?

Swedish girl band Elliphant kick off this week’s list with fuzzy yet stylish, choreographed driven video. “Live Till I Die” has a typical girl band video feel when we see shots of the trio dancing, but there is also a cool, dark pop/lofi feel present when we’re treated to projections and other editing tricks. Another pop element present is the costume changes. With a number of music videos becoming mini-blockbusters it’s refreshing to see a video with a home-made feel and an edgy track to match.


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4) Ghosts “WLVS”
Directed by Gilles Labarbe

Pitched as a story of a young wolf trying to escape the pack, this video is packed with beautiful shots of real wolves juxtaposed by ambiguous performance shots. For a slightly trance-y track, this is an interesting video that accompanies it. Instead of heavy visuals, or people dancing the performance shots are intense and mysterious and the graphics are odd but not distracting.


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3) The Growlers “Someday”
Directed by ?

This is another lovely video with a huge home-made feel to it. The video consists of what looks like a hobo’s honeymoon and is staged like a silent era comedy film. With a slightly odd but simple concept, this video is original and a breath of fresh air. It’s silly, fun and entertaining and the song is good too!


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2) Eat Skull “How Do I Know When To Say Goodnight”
Directed by Bob Moricz & Ben Popp

The latest Eat Skull video is like nothing I have ever seen before. In terms of style it is similar to number 5 on this list but the concept/storyline is weird. When it comes to this particular style of music a certain style is expected but both these videos have original concepts or different locations. This is a video with trippy masks and weird animations. What I admire most about it is the editing, it’s so bad it’s good and it works perfectly with the intoxicating number.


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1) Antwon “3rd World Grrl”
Directed by Alessio Avezzano

The number one spot this week is another silly music video, but it’s done really well. The video consists of all the obnoxious elements of a rap video but adds a comedy factor by adding a puppet. The video depicts a puppet version of himself doing everything from bouncing around a club, snorting coke and spanking. The narrative is cleverly jutxaposed with intense shots of Antwon himself rapping blankly into a fisheye lens.


Tara Costello