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The Carrie Diaries Ep. 1.13, “Kiss Yesterday Goodbye”: Out With a Bang.

The Carrie Diaries Ep. 1.13, “Kiss Yesterday Goodbye”: Out With a Bang.

The Carrie Diaries season finale

The Carrie Diaries, Season 1, Episode 13: “Kiss Yesterday Goodbye”
Written by Amy B. Harris
Directed by Andy Wolk
Aired Mondays at 8pm (ET) on the CW

Out With a Bang.

Tonight Carrie fills the last pages of her first diary, and damn does she fill them. After a handful of dry episodes, The Carrie Diaries finally gives itself permission to flush out its plot, four kyddshaw shakeups included. More importantly, someone finally acknowledges the shows tendency to dip its toes into the jail-bait pool when it comes to relationships, though disappointingly, with the least predatory example of the bunch.

“Kiss Yesterday Goodbye” uses its time wisely and commits to character-building revelations, forcing everyone to grow up and move on (more so the moving on in Tom’s case) and everyone other than Maggie is left the better for it. In fact, nothing about this episode is redeeming for Maggie; between her bigotry and seduction of Sebastian (yes, he’s also to blame), there is hardly enough time for her to commit adultery in the back of Officer Goodtime’s squad car, leaving us to question what the future holds for her character. The future for Carrie and Walt however is set up quite nicely and despite the will-they-won’t-they Sebastian drama, the most exciting development with Carrie is that she’ll be spending the summer free of white picket fences and station wagons, living in New York City alongside the now outted Walt and a new blue typewriter.

So what are your predictions for senior year? Is Mouse going to be liberated from her parents? Will Maggie find new friends?  Like Donna? Is Dorrit going to be four months pregnant or just have her heart broken by Miller? Will Carrie come back to Connecticut and fall right back into Sebastian’s arms or will she come back a new woman?